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Index of drugs, with physical effects, images, history, chemistry and law information for each. Articles and sections for wide variety of drug related material, including law, experiences, community, drug testing, spirituality, health, and artistic endeavors.

A minimalistic, but an extremely clean and easy in navigation site. Contains articles on many recreational drugs as well as supplemental topics -- approximately, 7-8 articles per topic. Easy to use, one-stop-for-all resource.

A project that aims at no less than "to abolish the biological substrates of suffering." Links on the bottom of the page lead to a wealth of information on the topic of main recreational drugs as well as the potential of psychopharmacology in general.

A site of an association whose goal is to promote research into the legitimate use of psychedelics and marijuana. Contains information about current research and news on the topic.

A great british site that contains the balanced lowdown on various substances (A-Z of Drugs) as well as information on getting help. Its best feature, however is the phone number, by dialing which you can "talk to Frank" about your personal drug issues or problems. You can even send them an email which will be answered within 24 hours, as they promise. Judging by the balanced information the site provides, the personal advice is probably just as good.

A dictionary that contains thousands of street drug slang terms. Know the lingo.

Tracks media for any articles that have to do with the drug issue. The text of articles is either available straight on the MAP site or there is a link to it. An article remains on the MAP site for three weeks following publication. After three weeks it goes into its MAPNews-Digest archive.

A very comprehensive library of texts on current drug policy issues as well as history on drugs and drug policy and specific drugs.

Exactly what it says in the title. The guide is really very good. Contains balanced, very practical information on drugs as well as a Q&A and Resources sections. The front-page blog monitors drug news.

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