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Dedicated to research on lucid dreaming -- a technique that allows a person trained in it to realize that the dream experience is not occuring in physical reality while he or she is sleeping. That results in the ability of being "conscious" in your dreams. An extremely intriguing concept that doesn't require any outside chemical interference.

A good resource on Tantra -- for beginners as well as for its adepts. As many horny youths might not know, Tantra is not just a way to have prolonged intercourse, it is a method of reaching higher levels of conscience through sexual interaction with another human being. Enjoy.

Brain Sync is an audio technology, whose creators claim that it induces meditation, relaxation, mind expansion, as well as tangible physical benefits in people who listen to the specially-formulated sound patterns. The site contains the explanation of the technology, the supporting research and a store when you can buy their products. Be sure to check out a free 10 minute "Brain Tune-Up."

An excellent treatise by Peter Shepherd which analyses the brain and the mind borrowing heavily from ideas of R. A. Wilson, Michael Apter, Timothy Leary and many others. Contains discussion of imprint types and meta-programming. A must-read for someone truly interested in the subject matter.

The site contains "tools for personal growth and transformation of body, mind and spirit." In addition to those it has a multitude of free resources on various mind expansion topics.

Meditation Center provides clear meditation instructions for beginners and practicing users. A variety of techniques aim to achieve different goals from relaxation and stress reduction to healing and enlightenment.

The internet home of one of the most respected names in psychedelic therapeutic community - Stanislav Grof's holotropic breathwork technique. The site contains a description of the technique, link to lectures and workshops and resources for further study.

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