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Marijuana (Weed, Hemp, Mary Jane, THC)

A comprehensive marijuana resource site. Contains topics ranging from growing weed to the marijuana legalization movement. There are forums, a picture gallery and a comprehensive information library.

A Wikipedia article on Cannabis (Marijuana). As usual, an excellent primer and overview of the plant, the drug and the topic.

"Why is Marijuana Illegal? A brief history of the criminalization of cannabis" from Pete Guither of DrugWarRant provides a great short treatment of the history of criminalization of marijuana.

This Wikipedia article contains comprehensive information about marijuana's medical potential, as well as the legal status of medicinal marijuana in select countries and U.S. States.

An overview of latest news on the topic and commentary. Categories include marijuana news in the U.S. and Canada as well as legalization activism efforts.

A forum with trip reports and first-time experiences.

The internet site of the famous High Times magazine. Articles, photos, events calendar and much more.

A comprehensive resource dedicated to growing weed. In addition contains sections for news, articles, gallery, FAQs and forums, as well as information on upcoming events.

Contains streaming audio and video on a variety of pot-associated subjects and activites.

A comprehensive treatment of issues surrounding medical marijuana. Multiple issues such as public policy, risks, medical conditions and many others are debated from both sides of the isle.

The internet home of one of the oldest non-profits lobbying for a change in the marijuana laws. Has a comprehensive library of issues, campaigns, news and action items.

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