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Contains information on legal activities of American Civil Liberties Union's Drug Policy Litigation Project. The people working on the project litigate issues that arise during excesses in the drug war, fight to relax drug sentencing guidelines and have on-line resources on a variety of issues that they are involved with.

The site of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Contains plenty of reading material to bolster their case for the reform of marijuana laws. Has lots of advice on how to take action and has tools that make it easier.

Dedicated to ending the war on drugs. Contains news, information on upcoming events and of course, a variety of articles and publications supporting the cause.

A very visual demonstration of the strain that the drug war imposes on the government funds and public health. Contains numbers (that are changing in real-time) for such information as money spent on the war on drugs this year or people arrested for drug offenses and a lot more.

Contains concise, short, powerpoint-style lists of facts on most popular substances and the hottest issues that stem from the war on drugs. The facts are often accompanied by graphs and tables.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a network of student charters that advocates sensible drug policy and the change to laws, unduly depriving students of Federal student aid.

A site for the organization working to end drug prohibition worldwide. A great resource with news and blogs from a variety of sources and authors.

The site of an organization that fights to challenge mandatory sentencing laws. Unfortunately, these laws usually target drug offenses and result in excessive penalties even in case of first-time and minor drug offenders. Because the sentencing guidelines are mandatory, the judges cannot exercise their own discretion during sentencing, even if they feel that incarceration may not be the best punishment for these offenses.

Founded in 1997, the November Coalition aims to end injustices that stem from the war on drugs. Its primary goal is to "educate the public about destructive, unnecessary incarceration due to U.S. drug war." Has lots of interesting information on various efforts in the fight to challenge the drug war.

A site dedicated to the topic of human rights abuses that result from the war on drugs. Contains stories about real people who've been affected as well as information on how to get involved.

Dedicated to changing marijuana-related laws. Contains plenty of statistical information on marijuana usage in the United States. Tracks news and efforts in bringing the issue forward in front of TV cameras and politicians.

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