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Heroin (and Other Opiates)

A great description of heroin and its effects in the form of a beautifully written treatise. A part of a larger article, , which discusses opioids in general and their effects in particular.

A categorical resource on heroin, containing a lot of useful information such as dosage and tolerance or how to purify street heroin. All that in addition to history, chemical composition, law, tips for safe shoting, media coverage and a lot more.

A great selection of articles and treatises illuminating opiates and the corresponding issues from the .

A great selection of links mainly related to heroin abuse. Links categorized into sections such as Clinical Trials, Treatment, Statistics and Law.

A great (and not very long) Wikipedia article that contains info on heroin, its usage and effects, production and trafficking.

Contains a comprehensive information on heroin, such as basics, effects, dangers, overdosing, addiction, mixing with other drugs, drug tests and legality. Also contains a great Q&A section.

A great site that contains plenty of information on the drug, its culture and counter-culture and other accompanying issues. A visitor follows a few paths: angry, curious, worried, user, sick or bored -- each path contains a selection of articles that is best tailored to a particular path selected.

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