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Ecstasy (MDMA, E, XTC, Adam)

Everything you wanted to know about MDMA and more -- all in one huge block of text that deals with MDMA's chemical composition, its effects, the mechanism of it working, its neurotoxicity and possible means of protection from any potential ill side-effects. It even discusses possible ideas of extending and enhancing the experience Ecstasy provides.

A very comprehensive article about everything you wanted to know regarding MDMA, ecstasy, tripping, effects, side effects, interactions and more. A must read.

People post pictures of pills that they acquired along with any other information on them that they might have such as pills' chemical composition, the effects on the 1-to-10 scale and, sometimes, descriptions of experiences. Reports are categorized based on geographical location, so you can easily see what is being sold in your particular area.

DanceSafe was a grassroots movement that aimed to reduce risks associated with ecstasy use. They started a pill-testing program and became very active in clubs, where they tested pills for the presence of adulterants. They are still going strong and their site contains current pill-testing results, information on events, testing kits for sale and much more. Be sure to view their slideshow.

Lab results for hundreds of pills. Pictures, locations and the relative ratio of MDMA and/or other substances in the pill are provided. Sortable by any parameter. For $20 (cash, of course, enclosed with the mailing) you can send your pill for testing.

The usual abundance of information, inluding FAQs, information on healthy use, history, experiences, law and links to media coverage and pill testing labs.

A very comprehensive page replete with information on current ecstasy research and efforts for allowing more of it from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

A site that contains forums on dozens of topics relating to MDMA (Ecstasy), its use, misuse, culture and sex, in addition to many others. Has a forum topic for upcoming events such as raves or DJ gigs, categorized by region.

One of the very first and original sites dedicated to ecstasy. While it is rarely updated lately, it still has plenty of information in its Q&A, articles and experiences sections.

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