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Exactly what it says in the link. Generates a list of rehab clinics based on your geographical location. Pretty versatile and descriptive.

A great number of links to all kinds or resources on drug abuse. Some, but not all, are links to clinical trials, statistics, treatment, specific conditions, directories and organizations. Contains links to other MEDLINEplus pages that deal specifically with cocaine abuse or heroin abuse, for example.

Exactly what it says in the title. 1-year and 5-year outcomes, specific research on adult and adolescent treatment, cocaine treatment and a cost-benefit analysis are all covered.

Information on drugs, effects, addictions, drug treatment, research studies, clinical trials and much more can be found at this great resource.

This haphazardly organized site contains a huge collection of links to e-books, journals and articles that cover a whole range of topics and aspects of addiction and addiction treatment.

The internet site for NA contains information on upcoming events, reports and regional branch information.

A good resource that is dedicated to providing information on alcohol and drug addictions. Contains fact sheets, links to net resources, contact information for a variety of groups, and some information on upcoming events.

An excellent "print-it-out" primer on tackling addiction. Step-by-step information on treatment and support with links to further resources.

Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, this is "fellowship of men and women who... help to recover from marijuana addiction." The organization uses the same basic 12 Steps of Recovery as AA does, but geared towards helping people stop smoking pot.

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