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An excellent treatise on cocaline and crack cocaine. A must-read for all who are interested in the substance and the multitude of issues accompanying it. Make sure to check out the links on the bottom.

A very comprehensive resource on cocaine and crack cocaine. Has all the usual Erowid goodies such as information on the effects, chemical composition, the law, history, cocaine images and much more.

A short overview of cocaine, including its history, its effects, its long-term effects and the way it affects the brain.

A great article about cocaine dependence and withdrawal as viewed through the prism of neuro-chemistry and coke's effects on the brain. The author discusses cocaine's long-term effects on neurotransmitters as well as brain reward and stress systems.

A quick cocaine primer by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Contains some statistics that illustrate the extent of coke use in the United States.

An abundant source of links relating to the cocaine use and addiction. Topics such as research, treatment, statistics, organizations, and clinical trials are all covered.

A great Wikipedia entry on cocaine -- very comprehensive and beautifully written. Contains information on health issues, history, pharmacology, mechanisms of action, use, distribution and availability.

Contains information on the effects, dangers, addiction, tolerance and mixing crack and/or cocaine with other drugs. A great FAQ section contains questions posed by visitors to the site and, of course, answers to them.

A greatly written article touching upon production of crack cocaine, its bio-chemical mechanism of action, side effects of crack cocaine's use and efforts to fight its use and addiction.

A wiki article about the indigenous uses of the coca plant, including traditional uses, medical uses and industrial uses.

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