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The Low Down On Drug Abuse

Drug consumption has become an established part of our lifestyle and culture. Consuming drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, cannabis etc has raised an argument about the safe use of drugs.

Substance Abuse

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  • When a drug or a non-medical substance is consumed with the aim of developing some alterations in the mind of the consumer, then it is referred to as Substance Abuse. This abuse includes consumption of illegally or legally produced drugs in excessive quantities. When the consumer becomes physically or psychologically dependent on the drug, then this state is termed as Drug Addiction. In case of physical dependence, the consumer loses their tolerance towards drug deprivation. The consumer feels comfortable as long as they consume the drugs but feels restless when deprived of the drugs.

    Drug consumption involves:

  • Personal safety risks
  • Developing destructive behavior risk
  • Risk of health damage
  • Risk of imprisonment and a criminal record
  • Drug Dependency

    Financial crisis or problems at the work place may make a person drug-dependent. The desire for consuming more drugs leads consumers to fib to their friends and family members and steal money from them. A drug dependent person is often ashamed for not keeping their promise of controlling their drug abuse. They invariably always deny an addiction problem. Addicts do realize that their drug dependence causes harm but they still deny consuming it. This subconscious denial is another cause of drug dependency.

    The Drug Consumption Habit

    These days, it is common for teenagers to consume drugs. Curiosity and a dare-devil attitude attracts them to experiment with drugs. They start with tobacco and alcohol and then may gradually move to consuming cocaine, heroin, inhalants etc. Initially teenagers consume drugs just to relax and feel cool but gradually become addicted to them. Consistent drug consumption gives them a feeling of self-confidence, relaxation, and power. These teenagers are unaware that drugs cause the maximum number of deaths of young people between ages 15 to 24. Teenage drug consumption also causes degradation in school performance and deteriorating family relationships.

    Drug Consumption Disorders and Treatments

    Symptoms of uncontrolled drug consumption include red eyes, continuous cough, blackouts, and eating disorders. There is no prescribed medical treatment for a drug addict. The most important treatment is to admit being a drug addict. After recognizing this habit, the addict has to work consciously and gradually towards reducing the consumption, by deciding the amount of intake on some fixed days. Psychological therapy and medication also helps.

    Preventive education and awareness programs help control drug consumption and addiction. Strict policies implemented by the government are usually ineffective in reducing drug consumption. While it is unrealistic to expect complete drug consumption eradication, smarter policies can help develop an awareness of drug-associated risks and dangers and drastically reduce the number of drug-associated ailments and deaths that occur from the lack of knowledge and unsafe consumption methods.

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