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U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Internet site. News from the forefront of the war on drugs. Contains comprehensive information on various substances and all possible negative effects that might result from their use. Also, contains plenty of information on the law and links to some affiliated internet anti-drug resources.

A site for parents who want to prevent their kids from using drugs (or to stop those kids who already use). Contains experts advice on such topics as "Signs of Marijuana Use" and advice on getting involved, among other things. Available in a Spanish version and has clones in a few asian languages.

An anti-drug site aimed primarily at teens. Contains the usual assortment of information on drugs. side-effects, and help centers. Also contains an archive of viewable commercials as well as "Memorial Wall" section -- stories about people who died from drug abuse, usually written by their loved ones.

The internet site of the organization that fights inhalant use. Inhalants -- such as paint, gasoline, glue and a variety of other products, usually legal and found under your sink are usually used by kids and teenagers looking for a quick, cheap high. The use of inhalants is generally more detrimental than abuse of "conventional" recreational drugs. The site contains inhalant info, FAQs and information on prevention campaigns.

A teen anti-drug site that contains links to anti-drug commercials, drug info, suggestions of "anti-drug" activites, personal stories and statistics. While a lot of stats are persuasive, some, like "Teens who use drugs are 5 times more likely to have sex than are those teens who do not use drugs" seem likely to actually encourage drug use.

CADCA is an organization of communities across the United States that together coordinate anti-drug efforts. The website contains information on joining CADCA, upcoming events, technical assistance, training, public policies, media strategies and marketing programs.

This site (which is a service of ) contains information, reports and statistics mostly about the dangers of "club drugs" such as Ecstasy, GHB, ketamine, methamphetamine, LSD and others.

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