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Index of drugs, with physical effects, images, history, chemistry and law information for each. Articles and sections for wide variety of drug related material, including law, experiences, community, drug testing, spirituality, health, and artistic endeavors.

A minimalistic, but an extremely clean and easy in navigation site. Contains articles on many recreational drugs as well as supplemental topics -- approximately, 7-8 articles per topic. Easy to use, one-stop-for-all resource.

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Exactly what it says in the link. Generates a list of rehab clinics based on your geographical location. Pretty versatile and descriptive.

A great number of links to all kinds or resources on drug abuse. Some, but not all, are links to clinical trials, statistics, treatment, specific conditions, directories and organizations. Contains links to other MEDLINEplus pages that deal specifically with cocaine abuse or heroin abuse, for example.

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U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Internet site. News from the forefront of the war on drugs. Contains comprehensive information on various substances and all possible negative effects that might result from their use. Also, contains plenty of information on the law and links to some affiliated internet anti-drug resources.

A site for parents who want to prevent their kids from using drugs (or to stop those kids who already use). Contains experts advice on such topics as "Signs of Marijuana Use" and advice on getting involved, among other things. Available in a Spanish version and has clones in a few asian languages.

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Contains information on legal activities of American Civil Liberties Union's Drug Policy Litigation Project. The people working on the project litigate issues that arise during excesses in the drug war, fight to relax drug sentencing guidelines and have on-line resources on a variety of issues that they are involved with.

The site of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Contains plenty of reading material to bolster their case for the reform of marijuana laws. Has lots of advice on how to take action and has tools that make it easier.

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A comprehensive marijuana resource site. Contains topics ranging from growing weed to the marijuana legalization movement. There are forums, a picture gallery and a comprehensive information library.

A regularly updated resource containing a multitude of links to weed resources on the web. Most importantly it does an overview of latest news on the topic and provides a commentary.

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An excellent treatise on cocaline and crack cocaine. A must-read for all who are interested in the substance and the multitude of issues accompanying it. Make sure to check out the links on the bottom.

A very comprehensive resource on cocaine and crack cocaine. Has all the usual Erowid goodies such as information on the effects, chemical composition, the law, history, cocaine images and much more.

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Everything you wanted to know about MDMA and more -- all in one huge block of text that deals with MDMA's chemical composition, its effects, the mechanism of it working, its neurotoxicity and possible means of protection from any potential ill side-effects. It even discusses possible ideas of extending and enhancing the experience Ecstasy provides.

A very comprehensive article about everything you wanted to know regarding MDMA, ecstasy, tripping, effects, side effects, interactions and more . A must read.

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The usual wealth of information available at Erowid. Chemical structure, numerous FAQs, Law, Articles and Trip Reports are all there. Almost no need to go anywhere else for info relating to acid.

A rather long article on LSD from Wikipedia. Contains information on dosage, effects, history, legal status and some very interesting stuff in the 'Urban Legends' section. A great read.

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A great description of heroin and its effects in the form of a beautifully written treatise. A part of a larger article, , which discusses opioids in general and their effects in particular.

A categorical resource on heroin, containing a lot of useful information such as dosage and tolerance or how to purify street heroin. All that in addition to history, chemical composition, law, tips for safe shoting, media coverage and a lot more.

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Dedicated to research on lucid dreaming -- a technique that allows a person trained in it to realize that the dream experience is not occuring in physical reality while he or she is sleeping. That results in the ability of being "conscious" in your dreams. An extremely intriguing concept that doesn't require any outside chemical interference.

A good resource on Tantra -- for beginners as well as for its adepts. As many horny youths might not know, Tantra is not just a way to have prolonged intercourse, it is a method of reaching higher levels of conscience through sexual interaction with another human being. Enjoy.

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